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Live Help Windows Store App for Windows RT and Microsoft Surface

The Live Chat app for Windows RT and Windows 8 tablet devices is now available in the Windows Store. The application is designed specifically for Windows tablets and Windows RT devices (we recommend Surface RT or Surface Pro), allowing you chat with your customers while away from your Windows desktop PC. From the Windows 8 start screen you can quickly glance at a live tile to see how many chats are currently occurring and how many people are browsing your site (Live tile requires Live Help Server Software v4.0 Rev. 9).

Live Chat for Windows RT and Microsoft Surface

The Live Help Windows Store App is available for purchase within the Windows Store. The app supports both Windows RT and Windows 8 touch devices such as the Surface RT and Surface Pro. The Live Help Windows Store app is available separately for purchase from US$19.95 (approx. 14,95€, £13.95 and AU$19.95). Updates to the app are delivered for free through the Windows store.

Live Help Windows Store Snapped Multi-tasking

Quickly multi-task when chatting to visitors by using the snapped view. When the Live Help app is snapped you are able to easily browse a web site, use another app such as a screen sharing app while still chatting to the customer.

Additional information and screenshots of the new Live Chat Windows Store app is available on our web site at

8 Responses to “Live Help Windows Store App for Windows RT and Microsoft Surface”

  1. Yohanes Says:

    How about the WHMCS version?

  2. Says:

    Yohanes, WHMCS customers can purchase the Live Help Windows Store app and use it with their Live Chat add-on installation.

  3. Dragan Slatjovic Says:

    The price for the app is too high! The browser version does the same things and is free.

  4. Says:

    Dragan, the Windows 8 app offers various improvements over the web based administration such as live tiles and push notifications so you don’t have to always have the web browser administration open and in the foreground.

  5. Dragan Slatjovic Says:

    We have purchased the expensive software for Windows 8…and are very angry now.. the app don’t show the name of the customers…only the IP… but the name of customers don’t work…! I had know it, that it was not a good idea to buy the software.

  6. Dragan Slatjovic Says:

    A shame to see, that our second reply not published! The app cost a lot of money and is very buggy. one of the biggest feature, to see customer as customers and not only an IP Address don’t work. I think I try to inform Microsoft to suspend the app, because it is fraudulent and too buggy!

  7. Says:

    Dragan, your comment was flagged as spam so we didn’t see it or delete it, sorry about that. We have responded to your concerns via. email so we can assist you further with any issues you are experiencing.

  8. Nicolas Says:

    Not going to pay $20 for this, sorry.

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